Monday, November 2, 2009

公館 Gongguan

公館 Gongguan is a popular shopping district in Taipei.


公館 Gongguan caters mostly to students as this place also houses the 國立臺灣大學 National Taiwan University.  When we visited, I think about 80% of the people walking & shopping around it were students.

I kinda liked the place!  Sadly, I was in a hurry as I was about to meet my colleagues at the hotel, so I was pressed for time.  I just wished I stayed longer though because I ended up staying at the hotel the whole night coz of miscommunication with regards to logistics hayyy.

Pictures here.

It is also in 公館 Gongguan where I bought Taipei's famous Pearl Milk Tea :)  There was a promo that day wherein we just needed to pay 35NT for a cup of Pearl Milk Tea w/c was originally priced at 50NT.  Yummy!  As I write this post, I'm really craving for some Pearl Milk Tea... wahhhhhhhhhhhh!


More pictures from the 天仁茗茶 Tea store here.

This was one of my more memorable shopping & leisure place I've been to during my Taipei trip.  I'll surely go back to this place once I get the chance to visit Taipei :)

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