Saturday, November 7, 2009

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Metropolis - a Series of Philippine Indie Films

metropolis (poster)

Philippine Independent Films is fast becoming popular worldwide.  This is proven by the awards the Philippines has been getting from respected award-giving bodies.  These films boldly embodies the Filipino experience with excellent artistry & insight.

With this in mind, I strongly suggest that you go see the Indie Sine at Robinson's Galleria on November 21 for Metropolis, a series of independent film screenings.

The event is presented by Anahata Foundation for the benefit of its community-based projects involved in movement, performance, fashion, media, visual arts & concern for the environment.

公館 Gongguan

公館 Gongguan is a popular shopping district in Taipei.


公館 Gongguan caters mostly to students as this place also houses the 國立臺灣大學 National Taiwan University.  When we visited, I think about 80% of the people walking & shopping around it were students.

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